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California, United States

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About me

Hello ladies, (etc.)

 I don’t mean to offend anybody but I have to be REAL*. (LEO)

 This was all done for us, ahead of time, not later.

* PLEASE .... “Females” age range 20 to 26

* Use your *current pictures pls. (No old pics)

(I May consider younger / older)

*** No bar girls, No want to be bar girls, No used to be bar girls, No thought of being bar girls ... Of course Im pretty smart, don’t try it, thinking you’re clever..Not. ALSO > NO Tattoos or had tattoos or want tattoos >> SAME with poography or weird stuff...NO... if that’s what you like >> I’m not your guy you can be happy somewhere else with somebody else...

(Just in case you thought about it).

* If you are. No need to waste my time or your time.

 I am looking for a serious relationship only. A wife, as in for the rest of my life. Not until that person decides it’s over or mind changes, OR to make her mind up alone, or makes decisions without the other person on their own. I’LL make sure of that.** 

 (NO Selfish people) > (Very Toxic, No).

Im a Roman Catholic. I dont believe in other by-product baloney religion thats thinkable. Unfortunately I gave the WRONG body an opportunity to heaven. I have already done that BIG mistake once. I was so smart NOT* to have kids with whatever it was. *Im hoping Jesus forgives me(Really).

**No buddhist OR any other religion absolutely not 👀 !!!!!

Wow, that was a little loaded statement. If you want, read more. The right woman would.

If you are a taller and thinner than most ladies, I would consider that more. 

Alright everyone, put your seatbelt & helmet on for the next one.

/**If you are stubborn or sarcastic, dismissive, ignorant, loud, OR like to argue. OR have lack of fidelity, honesty, *respect and If your ok with dating more than one person OR have dated a lot of people. OR You practice to do that whole camp-out thing when you get upset and don’t talk things out like a normal mature person..GO AWAY NOW... That garbage is toxic to me. One of the reasons I’m very healthy is because I practice NOT stressing. I’m a problem solver not a problem keeper..**

*Ladies in case you haven’t heard, this is what a real MAN sounds like. I have to be strict about this because I know what I want. I know where Im heading. If I’m going to have somebody on that boat with me, they better be a good First Mate, because I’m the Captain and that’s the way the boat stays afloat best...

 A little joke for you. Ready, 

No bologna sandwiches please, (scammers) because IF, I wanted to go into the sandwich business, I would. lol.   

I hope you got that one right and didnt misunderstand me. 

If I decide to talk to you, Ill send you my profile from another website that Im NO longer part of. It says a lot about me and you’ll understand what I’m like & what  i’m looking for.

Sorry to guys, I play to win and I am a person that takes care of himself. I eat organic food but not a vegetarian. I’m not like other guys, specially regular guys. I am unique but I don’t think I’m better than others. Special, yes. My integrity and values are solid, and if somebody wants me to compromise them..NOT EVER. I was raised right.

In case you didnt know, being 100% vegetarian is bAd for your health. Really *.

OK..all of you got this far in one piece. Hopefully you all learned a couple of things or more etc. About Western society*

** I tried to fix ALL typos but this program is not correcting them*

Thank you for reading this far and for your interest. I hope to hear from you soon. 🦁

Who knows you may be the DEReal1.

Kind regards,


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